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Book Trailer

The book trailer for The Adventures of Unemployed Man.

Unemployed Man and Occupy

Segment on the characters in The Adventures of Unemployed Man and their role in Occupy begins around the 6:48 mark.

These fools would like to believe I’ve turned the entire world into some sort of giant, orgiastic mega-casino where wealthy superplayers place bets on humanity’s basic needs. Their jobs. Their homes. Their savings. Their natural resources. Those have just become plastic poker chips skipping across a velvet table. And their fate — the fate of their families — is now nothing more than a ball bouncing on a roulette wheel.

- The Thumb in The Adventures of Unemployed Man

KPFK’s Sonali Kolhatkar with Gan Golan

Unemployed Man in Stumptown

Unemployed Man on CNN

Unemployed Man vs. Superlotto

Check out the story and slideshow about Unemployed Man’s fight with Superlotto on CNN. Q&A

“If you ever wanted to make sense of the bubble-riding, downsizing, outsourcing, debt-inducing, credit-crazy, middle-class-destroying era we’ve all just lived through—and in many ways, which we all continue to live in—a comic book will do the job as good as any. Hilarious, clever, very relevant, and surprisingly insightful and thought-provoking, “The Adventures of Unemployed Man”…

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Attack on The Middle Class

Art from The Adventures of Unemployed Man was used throughout the “Attack on the Middle Class” issue of Mother Jones magazine, and their site featured this slideshow of pages from the book.

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